“Leadership Perspectives: Insights from our prominent figures.”

 Dr. Sangeeta Jhamb (Principal)

Dr. Sangeeta Jhamb (Principal)

We extend a warm welcome to anybody interested in learning more about Mata Gujri College, whether they are parents, alumnae, or potential students. The institution is dedicated to preparing students for success, promoting a lively campus culture, and maintaining high academic standards. The website offers details about opportunities, research projects, extracurricular activities, and academic divisions. Encouraging people to realize their own potential and take on leadership roles is the aim. The college fosters communication through its website and social media accounts and provides support during every stage of the decision-making process. Collaboration, variety, and inventiveness are valued by the organization.

Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari (Director)

Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari (Director)

I am delighted to welcome you to our newly revamped college website! This platform has been designed with you in mind, aiming to provide seamless navigation and access to crucial information. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or staff, this website serves as a central hub for all things related to our college. Explore updated course details, stay informed about upcoming events, and find important announcements effortlessly. Your feedback is valuable as we strive to continually enhance your online experience. Thank you for being part of our vibrant community.

What we offer

Explore transformative educational opportunities at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya exploring course offerings. Join us in learning, innovation, and success.


Undergraduate (UG) courses typically span three to four years and lead to a bachelor's degree. These programs cover a diverse range of subjects, including humanities, sciences, engineering, and business. UG courses often provide a foundational understanding of the chosen field and may include practical experience through internships or projects. Admission requirements vary, and completion opens doors to various career paths or further academic pursuits.


Postgraduate (PG) courses provide advanced education and specialized training beyond undergraduate levels, preparing students for specialized careers or research. Available across various disciplines, PG courses often involve research projects, internships, or practical components, offering comprehensive learning experiences and opening up new career advancement and personal development opportunities.


A Post Graduate (PG) Diploma is a specialized program typically offered after completing a bachelor's degree. It provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills in a specific field, allowing students to gain expertise and advance their careers. PG Diplomas are shorter in duration compared to master's programs, making them a focused and efficient option for those seeking targeted professional development. These programs often include a combination of coursework, practical training, and sometimes internships to enhance hands-on experience.


Certificate courses offer specialized training in a specific field, providing focused knowledge and skills. These short-term programs are designed to enhance professional expertise and can be completed in a shorter time frame compared to traditional degree programs. They often cater to individuals seeking to upskill or pivot their careers, offering a valuable credential for career advancement. Certificate courses are available in various disciplines, making them a flexible and efficient option for targeted education.

College Campus

Get a glimpse of campus life through our captivating introductory video.

This video showcases the creativity and innovation at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya, a hub of knowledge and community. It invites prospective students, alums, and curious individuals to explore the campus's cutting-edge facilities, green spaces, and dynamic student life. The college focuses on building careers, cultivating a sense of belonging, and empowering individuals to become future architects. It offers a unique higher education experience, where lectures and friendships are lifelong connections. Join the community and embark on an incredible journey.

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Because to its excellent teaching and learning environment, general character and career quality, and outstanding educational curriculum, MATA GUJRI MAHILA MAHAVIDYALAYA is the best option for girls in the area. HERE ARE A FEW HIGHLIGHTS

"Alumni voices: hear their stories, feel their journey."


My Journey in Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya has been divine throughout 7 years, B.Com Hon's (2016-2019)
M.Com (2019-2021)
B.Ed (2021-2023).The Commerce Department and Education Department lectures have played an important role in my career. They have been a great support in and out of the college. The lectures stood as pillars and encouraged in every possible manner. Apart from academics the college has given me the path to my passion which includes cultural activities. There is great exposure for every student to explore themselves in the cultural activities. There are various departments to perform. The support from the staff is amazing. It was and is family to me .  Thank you for everything MGMM !

Research Scholar, Guru Ghasidas University

As an alumni of Mata Gujri  College, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to my college and  my exceptional faculty members Dr. Shruti Punj ma'am, 
Dr. Ruby Dua Ma'am,  Dr. Ganesh Dubey Sir and respected other faculties who have played such a pivotal role in shaping not just my academic journey, but also my personal growth.
The College activities like Educational Tours be, College festival ,BPO placements  etc. fostered a dynamic learning environment for us.
Thank you  Mata Gujri College and my  Faculties for your unwavering commitment to excellence and for being the driving force behind the transformative education provided at our alma mater.


The most important four years of my career started here at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalay .I have learned about life from this college. MGMM  is a training ground that trained me for my future opportunities . If a college does its job properly, then graduates gain the tools to help them to manifest their ideas into reality.
MGMM boosted our innovative ideas and creative skills through practical knowledge  and exceptional guidance which helped students to achieve their dreams.
Apart from academics we were trained in our skills and aptitude through skill and career development team members.  I am extremely thankful to the teachers for being the light in our life when we were all alone in darkness. On completion of four years of my college I was able to make through big 4 EY as a HR in Talent Aquisition.
I chased my dreams and I am thankful to MGMM , the place which groomed me and enlightened my life with skills to prosper in my career.

Ankita Katiyar

I am Ankita Singh Katiyar, a proud alumni of MGMM, 2009 BBA batch. I have worked as an HR Analyst with Deloitte and currently I’m an Entrepreneur. During my years of education at Mata Gujri Women’s College, I received the best of guidance to shape my personality and ambitions. It prepared me very efficiently to face the hardest of challenges, from the very start of the business education. We studied in a very conducive environment with a perfect blend of curricular and extra-curricular activities; curated for the overall development of the pupil. The Faculty here has always been very sincere, full of knowledge and perfect in their own fields. Their vision and support helped me to become more confident and well-equipped to face the uncertainties of the future. MGMM has been the building block in shaping my career and ideologies. I am really thankful to all my faculties who are till date my source of inspiration and guiding light.

Ankita Katiyar

Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQs for students to find answers to common questions about admissions, programs, financial aid, campus life, and more.

Admission starts in the month of May as per Higher Education rules and regulations.

Any 12th Pass or Graduate Students can apply for the respective courses for the admission.

Yes, our application process is primarily online. Visit our website to access the online application portal.

Information regarding credit transfers is available in the Transfer Admissions section. Contact the Admissions Office for specific inquiries.

Once admitted, you will receive detailed information on enrollment procedures, orientation, and any further steps you need to take.

Explore our Academic Programs page for a comprehensive list of majors, minors, and programs offered.

Academic advisors are available to guide you in selecting courses based on your program requirements and personal interests.

The library offers a vast collection of books, journals, and online resources. 

The majority of course materials can be accessed via the Learning Management System (MOODLE) of the college. To access materials, assignments, and syllabi, log in to the system.

The academic calendar, including important dates such as registration periods and exam schedules, can be found on our website or in the academic handbook.

Yes, students can apply for numerous scholarships from the Central and Madhya Pradesh governments. Visit our website's Scholarships and Financial Aid section to learn about the requirements for eligibility and how to apply.

Students can use the government-designed scholarship portal to apply for the scholarship. Following a successful application, supporting documentation can be submitted to the scholarship office for additional processing.

Our scholarships cover a range of categories, including Merit-based, Minority based, and Category bases. Details are provided on the Scholarships page

Eligibility criteria differ for each scholarship. Check the specific requirements listed for each scholarship on our website.

A variety of services are available through Placement Cell, including as resume development, career counseling, job search techniques, interview preparation and placement facilities as well.

Throughout the academic year, Placement Cell hosts employer information sessions, career fairs, and networking events. For specifics, view the events calendar.

For regular updates on events, job openings, and tools for career development, get yourself registered to the placement cell or visit. website.